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Other Services

Rewards Savings Account

When you open this account, it is linked to your High Interest checking account. Earn a premium interest rate on the monthly balance when you meet the criteria of your checking account.

Freedom Extras™

Add Freedom Extras to your checking account for only $4 a month to earn an estimated annual savings of $778.

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance - Includes AD&D Insurance up to $10,000. Coverage increases to $100,000 when traveling on a licensed common carrier.
  • Key Tag Return - Registered key ring and your lost keys can be mailed and returned to you.
  • Credit Card Registration - Register credit/debit cards and call just one number to report them lost/stolen.
  • TravelRewards - Save and submit your travel receipts and receive post travel rebates.
  • Entertainment® SaversGuide® - A directory of merchants nationwide to get great discounts.
  • Companion Airfare - Receive one free airline ticket with the purchase of one. Restrictions apply.
  • Cash Back Member Rewards - Get up to $50 cash back by saving receipts from everyday purchases.
  • Prescription Drug - Save up to 30% on prescription drugs.
  • Eyewear/Eyecare Plan - Receive up to 60% off eyewear/eyecare items.