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Account Benefits

Online Banking

Managing your account is easy with Online Banking. View your account balance and history, transfer funds, set up recurring transfers, and export information to money-managing software such as Quicken®.

Online Bill Pay

Save time and money with each bill you pay. Send money to anyone, anywhere in the U.S., make one-time payments or schedule a recurring payment and more.

Free Imaged eStatements

Receive your statement quicker than normal mail by enrolling in eStatements. Your monthly eStatement includes imaged check copies.

Free ATM Usage

Liberty will not charge you for withdrawals at ATMs. And you will automatically be reimbursed up to $25 monthly on all non-Liberty ATM surcharges as long as the criteria on your account are met.


Away from your computer? Not a problem. Access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with FreedomLine. Call 1.800.436.6300.

Account-to-Account Transfer

Coming Soon!

Managing your deposits in different banks just got easier! Transfer funds easily to and from other institutions to your account at Liberty Savings Bank.

UChoose Rewards

When you open your High Interest checking account, you will automatically receive the UChoose Rewards Mastercard/Debit Card. With the UChoose Rewards Card, you can earn big rewards when you make purchases online at hundreds of UChoose participating merchants using your MasterCard Debit Card. There are millions of redemption choices!